Made it to Maine - Swans Island, Burnt Coat Harbor

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 30 Jun 2011 14:40

Position           44:08.35N 068:26.77W

Date                1540 – Thursday 30 June 2011 (UTC -4)


Definitely a light wind downwind sail, but we did sail all of the 140nm bar the first few hours getting round Cape Anne.  The average for the trip of 4.8 kts says it all.  It did however give us the opportunity to fly both the gennaker and the mizzen staysail which was fun.


First light brought a sea mist, not fun, but this was quickly burned off after sun rise.


An added challenge during the trip was the water maker which refused to pump up to pressure and then switched itself off.  Changing the very mucky filter did not cure the problem which in the end appeared to be an airlock in the salt water feed; probably caused when cleaning the inlet filter of Boston mud.  Anyway it is now back on form which is just as well as we did not fill with water in Gloucester and hope to keep away from the expense of places that can give us water fills.


We kept the final decision as about where our first port of call in Maine would be to see how the trip went.  We also have a guide to Maine anchorages given to us by OCC members Scott and Kitty Kuhner who we met in Norfolk.  Burnt Coat Harbor, wonderful name, being some 20nm shorter distance than Mount Desert was the final choice.


Avoiding the many lobster trap buoys is a real game; cunning, in this part of the world they come in twos, joined by a tether to catch the keel to greatest effect.  Those cyclists reading this will remember the advice about not going between a dog walker and his dog, especially when they are joined together by a lead; the same applies to Maine buoys.



The approach to Burnt Coat Harbor was so different to anywhere that we have been before, reminiscent of photographs that we have seen of the western islands of Sweden.



And the anchorage is sheltered and the village and scenery very attractive.




For you foodies, the Mate is still producing Bunting’s treacle cured bacon from Maldon.  Today served for lunch with egg in a roll.


Please note that all place name spellings are the responsibility of the local residents and as guests we are pleased to follow their rules.  It is nothing to do with my literacy or lack of it.