The Wedding

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 30 Jun 2012 22:59

Date                Saturday 30 June 2012


There is not much to say about this day really other than to say the bride was beautiful, the weather ear perfect, the planning paid off and many of our and Alice and Stuart’s family and friends contributed support to make this a fantastic day.  We await the official photographs so some parts of the day are perforce missing; sorry Piper Victor, who piped Alice and I from the car to the church, your moment has yet to appear.  What photographs we have tell the story.


One of the flower arrangements used at the church and reception created by Heather Semken


After the signing of the register


The happy couple and the back of godfather Steve’s head


Arriving at the reception venue godfather Steve and Elspeth Buntings home


Limbering up before the wedding breakfast


The obligatory family group so that you can see MoB’s outfit

(Note for sailors – MoB is Mother of the Bride not Man over Board)


Henry, and the bride and groom – note the smart South African flag; the Union Flag is on the reverse side out of view



Steve and Elspeth’s roses were at their peak as of course was the bride


The cake was cut with my sword, used at the Mate and my wedding and also to cut Alice’s christening cake plus of course the odd parade and general court martial in between


As a complete surprise present for Stuart, and her parents, Alice played her violin in public for the first time since leaving school.  Elgar’s ‘Chanson du matin’ played superbly pointed at a great deal of secret preparation.