Rally outing to the Impholosi Game Reserve

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 15 Nov 2016 22:00

Date                          Tuesday 15 November 2016


After a number of days relaxing at the Zulu Land Yacht Club with an excellent series of parties, informal and organised, it was time for our first outing to see some of the local countryside and wildlife. The rally organised two separate days at the Impholosi Game Reserve. Comparing stories from the other day I think we had the best sightings but as with all of these things is very much the luck of the draw. We certainly had an excellent and most enjoyable day.


Impholosi is the centre of a very successful rhino breeding program and we had some very good close up sightings


Hi there!


Mother and baby, at a safe distance


A Weaver Bird male hard at work trying to impress his mate with his homebuilding skills