On the move to Flamingo Bay ready for the haul north

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 26 Jan 2011 18:00

Position           12:05.59N 61:45.43W

Date                1800 - 26 January 2011


The stainless steel bracket requiring a little finishing on Tuesday morning we dropped it off and took ourselves for a walk over the headland to True Blue Bay; very pretty but a rolly anchorage not to be tried.  We had a coke and returned in time to collect the finished item in the early afternoon.  Having bumped into ARC participants Charles and Penny from Rosita we spent a happy hour with them in the Big Fish bar and therefore ran out of time to move on.


Wednesday therefore we moved round the corner and up north to Flamingo Bay and took a park buoy for the night.  It was rather rollier than on our previous visit due to a slight northerly swell and very little wind which allowed the boat to swing across the swell periodically.  Flamingo Bay seems to cop the rain squalls coming over the island so the boat got a good wash off!