Norfolk Day 2 - Rock and roll

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 16 May 2011 22:59

Position           34:08.87N 69:24.00W

Date                 2359 - 16 May 2011 (UTC -3)


We must be getting used to this passage making business as we very quickly get into a watch system and settle down to our watch keeping life style, sleeping a maximum of 4 hours at a time at old sorts of time of day.


The wind as forecast moved aft the beam but for much of the day was light enough to require some engine assistance to keep up with our schedule to cross the Gulf Stream.  Ten hours was straight sailing.  We set the bearing out pole for the genoa before nightfall and this together with wind of about 20kts  on the port quarter gave us an average hourly progress of 6.8nm which suites our schedule.  Definitely a rock and roll motion as we head down wind; not good for the Mate’s back.


On a trip up to the bows I spotted a shoal of 6-8 fish of about 2ft long swimming in front of the bows and in the bow wave.  They then moved down the port side and spent a couple of hours in close company with the boat.  This I have not seen before.  They finally disappeared when we had our first dolphin display for quite some time.  However many times you see dolphins they still give a great deal of pleasure, and excitement; they mange to convey a sense of happiness and pleasure as they chase the bow wave.




They remain however very difficult to photograph; one day I will get a good dolphin shot.  These were extracted from a video clip.


The food column.  Sausage and onion rolls, sausages were the last from Morrison’s in Gibraltar, for lunch and pre-prepared ‘Spag Bog’ for dinner.  The catering department is back in excellent passage making form.