Clear in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 18 Apr 2011 10:00

Position           18:27.31N 64:26.22W

Date                1100 – 18 April 2011


Last night Rob and Sheila hosted a very convivial sundown party for Highland Fling, David and Margaret, Rainmaker, John and Laura, and ourselves all who had made the passage arriving in the early morning.  Elizabeth magiced a goat’s cheese flan out of the freezer when we returned which showed a degree of forethought and planning.


We definitely caught a weather window sailing here as the wind has now gone very light and had we left it a day we would have been into motoring the 80 miles from St Martin.


An 8 mile motor around Virgin Gorda took us to the main centre of Spanish Town where we anchored off and dinghy’d in to the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, marina, to grapple with customs and immigration. The BVI authorities are definitely not to be taken lightly and they produced three different forms to fill in. cost $1 for the forms, but other than that and the usual “charm” to appears to go with the job we cleared without problems; $21 for the clearance and other fees.


The Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour whilst small has a good fuel dock and a good supermarket on site.  There is also apparently the ability to fill LPG bottles, ask the taxi drive for “Hawk”.  We will therefore probably use the marina as a point of departure for Bermuda as we can fill up and clear out all at the same time.