Cane Garden Bay and a cruisers beach BBQ

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 24 Apr 2011 22:59

Position           18:25.53N 64:39.59W

Date                2359 – 24 April 2011


Rob and Sheila had proposed a beach BBQ in Cane Garden Bay, 5 miles away on Tortola.  First however Elizabeth with a good number from the other boats went to Church, it being Easter Sunday, at the small Methodist Church in Great Harbour.  Sorry, there are no photographs as the camera was not taken.  The service in good Caribbean style lasted two hours but was enjoyed by everyone, who were made very welcome by the regular congregation.


If you look at the map with our position plot you will have to blow it up for the detail as nowhere here is very far away.  A brisk motor sail to windward took us to Cane Garden Bay and for once we took a mooring as available water deep enough to swing in was at a premium.


It was the first outing of the trip for our Cobb BBQ which with an identical grill from Nimue gave us enough cooking area.  I had quite forgotten how long charcoal can take to get going and as usual most of the cooking heat appeared after we had eaten.


We had a great spread with every boat contributing and a good time was had by all:



As an aid to digestion there were some great games devised by Anne and Mike called “Pass the Baby” which involved passing (throwing) water filled balloons to each other; this is not a game to be played in the UK in winter!


The British Olympic Ladies Balloon throwing team in training


After sunset everyone repaired on board Caduceus and a very convivial evening followed.