42:12.18N 8:54.09W Wednesday 11 August 2010 Islas Cies, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 11 Aug 2010 22:59

Tescos On-Line – All is forgiven.  The provisions delivery from the local supermarket, due for 10:00 so that we could sail at 12:00 eventually arrived at 14:00, after three telephone calls and a cycle trip back to the shop by Elizabeth to chase it up.  Mind you at least it arrived and was what had been purchased.


We were the last of the group to sail and as we prepared to leave the mist rolled down from the hills reducing visibility to well under 250 metres and it stayed that way for most of the rest of the day.  We sailed, or rather motored the 8 miles to the Islas Cies seeing not very much, one ferry that loomed out of the fog making mournful fog horn noises in answer to ours, and a buoy.  How to anchor in a strange bay when you cannot see the other boats we thought might be a challenge.  However, providence smiled and there was a break in the fog for an hour and we actually anchored in sunshine. 


The scenery from the boat is beautiful, especially as you see glimpses of it as the mist clears and reforms, sometimes blotting out the sea level view and revealing the hilltops and vice versa.


The evening consisted of a short walk ashore and back to the boat for an exceedingly good roast chicken. The Romoska electric cooker from Lakeland Plastics is proving very useful.  We have the large size which consumes only 650W and is very capable of roasting a chicken.


We took the opportunity to give the diesel central heating its monthly run and very welcome it was too to chase away the foggy dampness.