Day 17 with Andrew - To Vuda for the end of trip party

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:44

Position           017:40.84S 177:23.14E

Date                1130 Saturday 9 August 2014

Distance run from Navadra 26nm – 26nm through the water


Andrew decided that rather than arrive at Vuda late on hi last day with us we should get there as early as sensible.  We were therefore back in Vuda having motored against a brisk wind, what else, and onto the fuel dock by 1130.


Once into a berth there followed the usual fuss over packing – getting the spare bags used for bringing out boat kit, inside each other required some interesting pushing and shoving.  The resultant Russian Doll should keep the baggage scanners busy.  That job done ready for an early morning start we retired to the sunset bar to recover followed by dinner at the First Landing Resort.  Dinner was followed by a show of island dancing and music.  Unfortunately the photographs of the dancing are not good enough to post.  There is however this one of the Mate being adopted as a mascot by the troop, I fail to remember why, it may have been something to do with her energetic participation in the Fijian version of the Conga..



It was sad to see Andrew go the following morning.  Having had nearly six weeks of family company the boat seemed very empty – and quiet!