Camden in lieu of Seal Bay - standing by

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 15 Aug 2013 16:00

Position           44:12.39N 069:03.17W

Date                1700 (EDT) Thursday 15 August 2013


Passage Run – 41.5nm – 38nm over the ground


We departed Frenchboro at 1000 followed by Nimue with the intention of making for the fabulous anchorage of Seal Bay on the west side of the island of Vinalhaven and where we had visited with the OCC Maine Rally in 2012.


Unfortunately this was not to be as at about 1130 just as we were about to enter the Merchant’s Row passage we received a distress call from Nimue, now 1½ nm behind us, who had inadvertently discovered the West Halibut Rock, 1¾ nm north west of Marshalls Island, at 5 knots.  They suspect that they had been swept south by the current and whilst approaching the buoy to pass it to port had not realised that their course was actually taking them over the obstruction that the buoy marked.  Fortunately Mike and Anne whilst shaken up were not hurt and the damage to Nimue seemed mainly restricted to the internals of the boat.


We returned to stand by them as they came off the rocky ledge.  Logic dictated that Nimue went directly to Camden in case they suddenly found that they were taking on water or had engine problems resulting from the grounding and we sailed in close company in case assistance was required.


Thus at 1600 we both came safely alongside Wayfarer Marine’s fuel and water berth in Camden without further incident.


We have a mooring booked for Saturday and Sunday and fortunately were able to pick up a Camden Yacht Club mooring for the other nights.


Nimue were hauled, briefly, on Friday and fortunately the underwater damage seemed on inspection to be limited to a bruise on the keel; the benefit of a strongly built boat.


Anne and Mike being in need of distraction we went ashore to eat at the excellent and newly opened Seabright Restaurant.  This is a pizza restaurant with a difference.  A wood fired oven is used and the toppings are varied and unusual.  Mike and Anne very kindly hosted us which was very much appreciated.