To Lovina on Bali and another clean up but on the way

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 5 Nov 2015 16:20

Position           08:09.51 S 115.01.36 E

Date                1620 (UTC+8) Thursday 5 November 2015

Trip total         in 10hrs 30mins 70m over the ground, 72m through the water

Arrived at        Lovina on the North coast of Bali, Indonesia


We were awake at 0500 and having realised that during the night we had had another dump of volcanic ash we decided to get off early and see if we could outrun it.  Fortunately this time we had shut all of the hatches and closed the cockpit down so that the muck was only on the deck and in light wind conditions we would be able to wash that off whilst underway.


Leaving just after daylight and before the sun came up gave an amazing view of the eruption


And the sunrise just added to the picture


Shortly after sun up the haze kicked in and the view disappeared.  With little wind and an adverse supposedly “favourable” current meant that we had to motor all of the day to get to our next stop of Lovina before dark.  At least we were able to make the water for deck washing.


Anchored off the beach at Lovina, clouds but no volcanic fall out - yet