Tonga Part 3 - Fortieth wedding anniversary at Ofu

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 21 Sep 2014 03:38

Position           18:41.57S 173:57.71W (Ofu)

Date                Sunday 15 June 2014


Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourselves?  How did we get to forty years?  We organised to anchor off the village of Ofu in order to be able to attend Church on our wedding anniversary.


The only wheeled vehicles in the village were tractors.  The main street was well tended and lined by plants which will grow to provide tropical hedges.



There were of course the inevitable pigs, here helping sort coconuts, a porcine favourite.


The bell rang for the first service of the day at 0520.  We did not make the early service.



We did however make the 10 o’clock.  The view from the church door showed how far we had to go.



And at that I forgot my shoes.  Fortunately the preacher was also bare foot. The unaccompanied singing in harmony by the congregation was quite amazing and would rival a cathedral choir.  Tongans sing a lot and sing very well.  Unfortunately I cannot post the recording that I made, it is well worth a listen if you have not heard similar.


In the absence of a restaurant we had a great ‘diner a deux’ aboard accompanied by champagne that had survived on board since leaving the UK in 2010.




It is interesting to recall that we celebrated our 25th anniversary with dinner in the Cotton House on the island of Mustique in the Grenadines.  That was on our first Sunsail charter and it was the success of that holiday that ultimately lead to where we are now.