Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 2 Oct 2010 17:46

Position           37:06.86N 8:31.39W

Date                Saturday 2 October 2010       


Friday morning was devoted to cleaning and admin, both inside and out.


Later in the day we took a walk around the old part of the town.  Elizabeth had a mission to find the Old Slave Market, the only slave market in Portugal and one of the few buildings to survive the earthquake of 1755.  They were obviously closed on Friday’s so there was no possibility of trading in for a new model; for whom you might ask? I couldn’t possibly comment.  (Note for Nick - possibly a new opening for Mallard Vehicle Finance, Mallard Slave Finance has a certain not PC quality about it)


In the evening we were able to return the hospitality of Andrew and Celia from the ARC Moody 54 “Alice”, and then went out together to eat in an excellent small restaurant that did very good and not expensive chateaubriand.


This morning a large shop at the local Pingo supermarket was retrieved with the aid of a marina trolley, carefully padlocked in the car park whilst we shopped.  It was then time to get Caduceus out of the marina; well it would have been had we not managed to let slip just as the lifting footbridge, closing the marina from the sea, had a lock down for 15 minutes;  it does this before every train departs from the station to which it gives access.  We practiced the yachting equivalent of treading water.


Finally out we made the sort hop, 7 miles, to Portimão where we are now anchored for the night before pushing on eastward tomorrow morning.