Southbound Day 11 - New York to Norfolk 3 - Arrival in Norfolk

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 21 Sep 2012 13:10

Position           36:51.14N 076:17.89W

Date                1410 Friday 21 September 2012


It must be the land breeze effect.  Just after midnight a sailable breeze came up from the north west and we were able to set all plain sail and turn off the engine.  Whilst the speed may not have been great we were able to coast along knowing that we would arrive in Norfolk at a sensible daylight time without having to press on.  We passed through the north gap in the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel just after 0900 which left us with 20nm for the journey into the centre of Norfolk.


Gary, as in Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer for Norfolk, reckons that because of my previous record in dealings with US Navy aircraft carriers that they are out to get me.  Be that as it may, this one appeared on cue with all of the usual statutory warnings about keeping well clear.




I did at least manage one exchange on VHF to ascertain what speed it was doing as it came up through the south channel through the Bridge Tunnel and we coasted the required 500 yards away as it passed.  We did have a second encounter as by the time that we caught it up off the Naval Base it was performing a 90 degree turn and reversing into its pier with the aid of four tugs and various gun toting small protection craft and we again slowed right down to keep clear.


The wind for once had dropped to almost nothing which made reversing into our berth at Pilot House rather easier than on some previous occasions.



Gary and Greta were on hand to take lines and welcome us, Boomerang comes back again, and we were secure alongside at 1410, just over 2 days for the 250 miles from New York.  This was not the fastest trip ever but at least we sailed a good part of the way.


We had a very pleasant time catching up with Gary and Greta who are having their kitchen refitted.  This project has taken on a time dimension of its own and we look forward to being able to provide soup kitchen facilities during our stay here.


Dinner for the foodies out there was Boeuf Stroganoff, postponed from last night and very good, washed down with some half decent Cab Sauv and followed by a very good night’s sleep.


We intend to stay here now until Tuesday when we move around to Little Creek, just inside the Bay Tunnel, where Caduceus is to be hauled out whilst we return to the UK on 29 September ready for our trip to South Africa on 23 October, returning to the USA on 15 November.