Hulhulemale for Male - lunch out and provisioning

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 20 Mar 2016 11:10

Position                04:13.134 N 073:32.103 E

Date                      1110 (UTC+5) Sunday 20 March 2016

Distance run       18.1nm over the ground


An early morning start meant that we in Hulhulemale by 1100 and able to have lunch in Male, a 20 minute ferry ride away, and use the afternoon to provision.  We were even back in time for sunset drinks with Flomaida.  Dagmar and Christoph’s parcel has arrived in Male.  The limiting factor would appear to be getting it out of customs (in the event this did not happen until Tuesday).



Looking out over eh anchorage at Hulhulemale.  It was very busy with a constant stream of ferry boats of all sizes



The local bus – ferry to Male 20 minutes and 5.5MVR per person each way (about 25p)



The Sultan’s Palace in Male dating from 1902



The burial ground at the ‘Old Friday Mosque’, one of the oldest buildings in Male built in 1656 in but closed for refurbishment


Lunch at the Seagull Café was excellent a treat.  The ice cream are to be recommended



The Mate provisioning in the fruit and vegetable market where there was a good selection