An eventful 24 hours for some - playing for the sympathy vote

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 23 Sep 2014 20:27

Position           017:40.91S 177:23.15E Vuda

Date                Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 July 2014


Distance run Vuda Marina to Vuda Marina – 1,000 metres


After sorting ourselves out in Vuda and arranging for work to be done when we return there on 6 July to meet daughter Alice and son-in-law Stuart who are flying out from the UK – with our replacement water maker membranes, we set out to sail the 15nm to Musket Cove and the World ARC Farewell to Fiji party.


Inside the marina flat calm and in the excitement of leaving I omitted to close the fore hatch.  As we left the shelter of the approach channel we started to pitch and take spray over the bows. No problem, engage auto-pilot and run through the boat to close it.


Unfortunately as I jumped through one of the internal doorways the boat pitched downwards and I did not and a high velocity collision took place between the top of my head and the boat.  Rather a lot of blood and pain bit no loss of consciousness resulted – I did keep the blood off the upholstery and I had the forethought to wear a red tee-shirt.


First aid from the Mate consisted of a tea towel quickly followed by a large blue towel wrapped turban like around my head.  We turned the boat around and called for help.  Tracey, Tim and Brian from Folie a Deux came on board as we re-entered the marina and the Mark the marina boat man turned out to help manoeuvre us back onto the central mooring buoy.


The patient was then helped off the boat and into a taxi and together with the Mate in close support and Jo from security riding shotgun we set off for Lautoka Hospital.


Lautoka Hospital may look as if need some TLC and a coat of paint but there is nothing wrong with the quality of the medical and nursing care.  An X-Ray was carried out and at our request a CT Scan and the stitching was carried out by a surgical registrar, the casualty officer feeling that the damage was beyond her skills to repair, and he arrived in his rugby kit.


I am sorry for the bedding – it looked as if I had been shot through the head.  Once stitched up it was off to a private room for 24 hours observation.  The lift was awaiting spare parts and as my offer to walk was turned down four sturdy chaps carried me on a stretcher up the four floors.



Post op - pre clean tee shirt – aaah!


Fortunately there was no lasting damage other than to my pride.  I really should do an entry for Trip Adviser.


To complete the excellent back up we received, Jo from security at Vuda stayed with Elizabeth right the way through until she returned to the boat at 1900.  Maria and Nicky from the Vuda office together with Mark the boatman brought various personal items – like a clean tee shirt and a tooth brush from the boat.  They were definitely on a visit after work to see the patient and came bearing grapes and bottled water and stayed chatting for 30 minutes.  Wonderful people and great support to us.


So there you are drama over and I know have what looks like a zip fastener in the top of my head – only 8 stitches, but I am a man.