Admin, recovery then back to Prickley Bay to collect some stainless steel work

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 24 Jan 2011 18:00

Position           11:59.91N 61:45.89W

Date                1800 - 24 January 2011


Having said goodbye to George and Janet we set to with laundry and the like indispersed with some very pleasant outings to the Clarkes Court Marina Club for happy hours with Mike and Jean from Sestina.


We fitted in a two bus trip to Grand Anse for shopping although succumbed to a taxi to bring the loot back to the dinghy dock.


One of the major tasks was an oil and filter change for both the generator and main engine and a replacement impellor for the generator.  The generator impellor had partially broken up so an additional delight was fishing out the broken bits from the heat exchanger.  However job done and everything in that department is up to date, which is a relief.  It also appears to have fixed an overheating problem that had upset the generator for the last two days.


On Sunday we took the dinghy out to the reef at the entrance to the bay and indulged in some snorkelling and then joined Mike and Jean for a dinghy trip to sample the delights of Roger’s Bar on Hog Island, a regular Sunday destination for the local population as well as cruisers who appear to have taken root – rumour has it that their mooring chains have been overgrown by coral.



Music was provided by these likely looking lads:



Monday saw us off to Prickley Bay to anchor and collect a stainless steel bracket as an attachment for our cruising chute furler, being made by Nick of Technicks.  I also got inveigled into walking the length of the Maurice Bishops Highway to a cash and carry (stagger?) to purchase a resupply of coke, rum and fruit juice for rum cocktails and other essentials.  This is no mean feat due to the likelihood of being grabbed as a potential passenger by the passing bus crews. 


Having made our purchases we actually managed to get the shopping onto a bus which delivered us all the way back to the dinghy dock, our shopping being cheerfully thrown onto the bus by the “postillion”.