A disturbed night and a sweaty solution

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 27 Nov 2015 13:00

Position           One 15 Marina Singapore

Date                Friday 27 November 2015


The luxury of air conditioning obviously had to come at a price.  At 0300 the fridge alarm went off signifying that the freezer temperature had risen 5 degrees.  An hour of checking water flows and the like proved that we could run either the air conditioning or the fridges.  They both take their cooling water from the same salt water feed and there was just not enough flow.  The water maker also uses the same supply and had been giving the occasional grumble so there was definitely a problem in there somewhere.  The rest of the night passed without air conditioning as the freezer took priority.


And this was the problem – a complete blockage by barnacles and other shell debris


And this is what it looked like after a good rodding – shades of rodding drains at home!


At least we were in a good place to sort the problem, even if removing the pipe in temperatures approaching 40 degrees was uncomfortable.  Result - 1300 – a ew piece of pipe and working everything at the same time.