Mayreau for walkabout

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 12 Jan 2011 12:00

Position           12:38.14N 61:23.91W

Date                1200 - 12 January 2011


The morning was wet, windy and warm; the latter denoting the difference between the UK and the Caribbean.  The decision was therefore made to admire the view and then go to somewhere a little more sheltered so it was off to Mayreau and Saline Bay.


Mayreau has changed over the eleven years since we first came here.  There is now a road, an electricity plant and an increase in the number of bars and restaurants.  It remains nevertheless a delightful island populated by friendly people.  A very steep walk to the top of the island I reward by fabulous views over the Tobago Cays, see the photograph in the last diary entry and this view down into Saltwistle Bay at the north end of the island.



Another reward is the delightful catholic church built on one of the highest points.



As we approached the church the class from the local school were just finishing some outdoor work.  To go to school here requires the parents to be able to buy the uniform and very smart they were, the girls in navy skirts and white blouses and the boys in pressed khaki shorts and white shirts.  Outside the church was a charming lady selling local jewellery.  She carried a letter stating that she was selling things to raise money to pay for an operation on her neck.  Who could resist; there is no health service or social security so it is incumbent on visitors to help provide assistance.


If anyone thought that George and Janet were coming to the Caribbean to go on a cruise, may I point out that our boat is the ketch just above the trees and not the five mast liner behind us.



Cruise liner or not, retail therapy was required to recover from the climb and descent.