Bermuda Day 7 - Bermuda shorts

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 6 May 2011 00:00

Position           32:32.84N 64:40.54W

Date                 2100 - 5 May 2011 (UTC -3)


0900, boat time UTC -4, which may well be 1000 Bermuda time, and the island has just come into sight on the port bow.  Very exciting, assuming that it is the correct island, not that there are many to chose from out here.  The wind has dropped and we are now motoring towards St David’s Head, our destination WP (waypoint) for the last 6 days.  Alice is 1.5nm away on our starboard beam.


As we approached the entrance to St George’s Harbour Alice closed up into convoy position.



We are both, Alice and Caduceus, amazed that we have managed to keep station with each other over the last six days.  The boats are well matched for cruising in company. 


Bermuda Radio did a sterling job as we approached Town Cut, the entrance to St George’s Harbour, both in giving warning of any commercial traffic, providing information about finding the customs quay and other localo issues and generally making us feel welcome to their island.  Town Cut is quite restricted; you would not wish to meet anything large going the other way.



Alice joined us alongside at the customs quay (1320 UTC -3, BST -4) where our lines were taken by the customs staff who had turned out to greet us.



The Customs Officers could not have been more helpful or welcoming; it was a pleasure to deal with them and they are a great introduction to Bermuda.  What a contrast to some of the surly belligerent and rude receptions that we have received throughout the Caribbean Islands – lessons to be learned here guys – especially Mrs Jolly Harbour the gorgon of Antigua.


Customs and immigration cleared we motored over to the other side of the harbour to anchor.  The main brace has been spliced and a meal ashore finished off our BVI to Bermuda 2011 cruise in company in good style.


We intend to stay in Bermuda for some days cleaning and sorting ship, sight seeing and generally preparing for the next leg across the Gulf Stream to the USA.