La Trinité

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 5 Aug 2007 08:48

Friday saw us arrive at La Trinité, described as the Cowes of France.  Certainly it was very busy with boats, all going the other way up a relatively narrow channel.  Caduceus is berthed on a finger pontoon designed to take a 36ft boat.  Given a cross tide and some breeze, berthing was interesting, fortunately there were six Rally members on the pontoon to assist.


The weather is now bright and hot and the surroundings great.  The small town provides everything that is needed and there have been trips in a very effective noddy train to view the pre-historic sites at Carnac. There has also been ample opportunity to mix with the other boats taking part.  Three additional boats that did not make it to La Coruna have also now joined us which make for a good crowd.


One of the benefits of having sailed in company from La Coruna is that we now have photographs of Caduceus under sail.



The first two photographs were taken from Stuart Musgrave’s boat Tillygreig somewhere in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.  At one stage they managed to catch us with a fishing line, which we successfully recovered without lack of tackle.  Martin had his first live attempt at anti-piracy measures by entertaining them with the pipes.  In photograph 2 you can see the piper at the bas of the mizzen.  Please note the correct RYA recommended safety equipment for a piper at sea