Back in the UK - Now is the winter of our content made glori ous summer

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 29 Jun 2012 22:35

Date                Tuesday 15 May 2012 to Friday 29 June 2012


I have not in the past written about our UK based activities but for the sake of completeness it would be a shame to miss out on recording some of the things that happened in the run up to ‘The Wedding’.


First of course was the passing of Elizabeth’s Father and his funeral.  The eulogy was most excellently prepared and delivered by her brother Robert and Bob was laid to rest alongside his beloved wife Betty in Willersey Churchyard on the most quintessential English summer’s day and at on of the churches where they both worshipped and both loved.


Then there were the various medical refits.  My keyhole surgery resulted in my abdomen looking as though I had been given a going over with a rubber truncheon, nobody warned me about that – the bruises have now gone and all seems well.


The mother of the bride rushed around and having relieved me of a length of midnight blue silk purchase in Singapore in 1976, with the intention of making a dressing gown, very Noel Coward, but never used, created a stunning outfit – photograph in the wedding sage.


For my part, having consideration for the summer weather, I organised a roof for the pergola so that I could barbeque under cover in the rain.  The garden, already in good nick due to the tender ministrations of David Butterworth and a large quantity of rain, was further attacked and upgraded lighting fitted.



And, of course, there was Henry, ‘the Daimler’ who eventually had his flashing trafficators sorted out and received a smart ambassadorial flagstaff in honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.



East Street had an excellent street party, most ably organised by Ian and Daryl Brotchie



The road was closed for four hours, a very English form of sit down demonstration complete with




cucumber sandwiches cup cakes and scones.


Unusually it stayed dry, fine and mostly sunny which allowed some of the street’s more colourful characters and their ‘guest’ to promenade.



Our future son in law’s parents, Anthony and Tessa Thornton-Smith, over from South Africa paid their first visit and the new pergola roof was put to good use.



Of course there was also the dedication of the Jubilee kneelers, hark back to the Mate plugging away at her needlework in the Bahamas.  A total of 60 are being worked on and Claudia managed to get 55 handed in complete before the service.


It was good to see the token man present.  Heavens forbid that the Church should ever be regarded as sexist. 


The weeks seemed to fly by and we were then into the week before the great event with a house full including the two South African brothers, Andrew and Robert camping in the garden.  It did seem that everyone was either called Andrew, Robert or both.  Our son Andrew arrived from Texas having kept a great secret that he had managed to loose 50 lbs since emigrating in March with a complete change in lifestyle – nobody is more enthusiastic than a converted sinner.  His parents were both surprised, impressed and delighted.



A mere shadow of his former self.