Frenchboro, Long Island - an extended stay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 12 Aug 2012 22:59

Position           44:07.31N 068:21.81W

Date                12 August 2012


Well, we must have enjoyed Frenchboro as we ended up staying here 10 days.  Sitting still meant that we were joined by a number of old friends in their boats and made new ones. 


Sid and Rebecca Shaw with Dovka arrived in company with Dick and Suzi Guckel on Cerca Trova and were followed by Tom and Dorothy Wadlow with Joyant, last met in the Spanish Rias in 2010.  All are members of the Ocean Cruising Club and heading for the Rally in Camden next week.  Joyant hosted a very jolly OCC dinner before sailing on.  Circa Trova also departed and spent a very enjoyable few days with Sid and Rebecca sharing meals and hospitality interspersed with some rambling ashore.


These photographs may give an idea why we stayed.


The annual lobster dinner – the highlight of the Frenchboro summer season

A very jolly affair with many day trippers from the mainland


Also seen at the Lobster Dinner - Lap dog?


And then of course there were the foggy days when you would not wish to sail anywhere.  This is the visiting Church Mission Boat which also brought the visiting Doctor’s surgery


The trails around the island gave us hours of great walking with wonderful views at every turn


The granite boulders are a wonder.  The black stripe is not a camera fault it is a band of slate grey rock in amongst the main pinky cream granite found on the island


The top of Frenchboro Creek with the Offshore Deli on the left – access by dinghy at high water for a take away.  Also the source of soft shell lobster at $3.29 per pound for the Chef’s lobster Thermidor.


Island humour