Motor sail to Santa Cruz

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 1 Mar 2014 03:59

Position           00:44.92S 090:18.58W

Date                1320 (Local – Central American Time) Tuesday 18 February 2014


Distance run - 44nm over the ground, 45nm through the water


Our days in San Cristobal, after clearing in, were fun.  The Rally organised a day outing to Kicker Rock where we snorkelled amidst sharks, white tip, black tip, Galapagos and hammerhead, and shared the water with large shoals of fish and sea lions.



As with all trips in the Galapagos we were accompanied by a trained and licenced naturalist who spoke excellent English and ensured that we saw everything that we should and that full explanations were given. It was an excellent day out.


The sail, or rather motor across to Puerto Ayora on the island Santa Cruz got off to any earlier start than intended as the phone that I used as an alarm clock was still set to Panama time and hence an hour earlier than local.  The Mate was not amused but it did mean that we lead the charge of boats moving across.


The trip was uneventful with very little wind so that it was a motor.  We did get a good view of Santa Fe as we sailed past and arrived in the very bust harbour of Puerto Ayora which is the centre of the tourist industry in the islands.  At least they keep all of the tat in one place.