Three days in Aneityum, Vanuatu

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 22:36

Date                Saturday 12 to Monday 14 September 2014


Caduceus at anchor in the lagoon at Anelghowhat also known as Aneityum


In order to arrive and clear in at Aneityum pre-arranged permission had been obtained by email from the Customs in Port Villa.  As it happened on our day of arrival the policeman who does the clearance was busy with the cruise ship so we came back a day later; it was nicely laid back.


The police station where we had to book in, by pre-arranged special permission


A rather up-market local canoe.  We were to see many examples of local craft in daily use as we travelled through the islands


Many of the houses on the island were more substantial than those we would see in more remote villages.  This is partially a reflection on the income gained from visiting cruise ships.



Sanitation is in the form of bush toilets, this is the deluxe version


What a smile


The day after the cruise ship left we took a visit to the now deserted “Mystery Island”


Signs of tourist infestation where very much in evidence.  Have your photo taken in the cannibal pot seemed rather macabre.  It is actually a pot for boiling whale blubber



Aneityum airfield is on Mystery island and gets 3 flights a week from Port Villa


Elizabeth found this scrap of a puppy to give a small amount of feed to.  Too much would probably have killed it.  We very nearly had a case of dog-napping