Divvying up the rice to villages an example of equal shares

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 27 Jul 2015 22:58

Position           Uliveo, Maskelyne Islands

Date                Monday 27 July 2015


Whilst Elizabeth doctored away Martin was viewing the dividing up of the rice distributed yesterday.

Handing over some much needed extra provision for the borders at Sangalai School


Lutes – 53 households and 53 bowls and 2.5kg weighed out by a Chief for each household


Pastor Abraham, he of the in ordinately long prayers and sermons showing muscular Christianity and carrying 50kg of rice


Peskarus was more complicated as there were more household and no scales – a jug was used as a a measure


In the afternoon Elizabeth was able to join in and here is at Pellonk with Chief Dick who masterminded the share out.


This knife wielding 18 month old who was spotted dancing to music might explain the number of knife related injuries amongst children.  Everyone seems to carry a knife of some description as a general use tool in the garden, the kitchen and for all manner of construction tasks.  The children just copy the adults.  Another thing not to try at home – the dancing that is.