Day Four - written rather later

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 31 Jul 2007 14:36

Day four provided a really great beat on a starboard tack giving us an average of 7kts over some 5 hours.  The downside was that we ended up making landfall some 100 miles to the east of La Coruna, and the wind promptly faded away.  Motor sailing for the remainder of the night and through most of Saturday was the only sensible option, given the fact that we wished to arrive in La Coruna before dark on Saturday.  What wind here was remained obstinately in the SW.


We arrived at the marina in La Coruna at 2125 local time to a great greeting from Alice and the Rally organiser Tony Dimont.  Introducing Caduceus into her berth was fun but achieved without any major problem.  One secured there was a very quick turn change and off into the town to join the crew of Celtic Breeze who had arrived at 1600 and were ensconced in a very buzy restaurant.


My memories of Spain were not wrong.  At midnight people were still taking tables and ordering meals and the town was very much alive with strollers of all ages.


Overall an excellent proving sail for both the boat and us.  Nothing like four days uphill sailing to test things out.