Langkawi to Uligan Day 6 - Wear and tear

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 27 Feb 2016 10:56

Position           05:40.63 N 082:27.96 E

Date                 1200 (UTC+7) Saturday 27 February 2016

Distance run    in 24hrs 195nm over the ground, 168nm through the water

Trip total         1036nm over the ground, 894nm through the water

To go to          Uligan, Maldives 577nm – 1,605nm total route distance


We continue to heave along at a really good rate under poled out genoa and with a favourable current.  Even through the water we are making 7 knots which for us and with the wind aft the beam is good.  Add the current and its magic and mostly comfortable sailing.  There is of course wear and tear on the sails an rigging.  So far the only issue that has required a fix was one of the downhauls on the pole chaffing through, or breaking under strain, I know not which.  This was an easy repair and just involved furling the genoa, dropping the pole and hanging over the bow to reattach the line.


Back from hanging over the bow, job done


We are now encountering rain squalls, this may be something to do with the effect of approaching Sri Lanka; we are now 112nm from Dondra Head, the southernmost tip of the island off which there is a traffic separation zone that we intend to keep away from by heading 20 miles south of the cape.