To Gili Lawang for an overnight stop in the reef

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 1 Nov 2015 15:00

Position           08:17.73 S 116.41.45 E

Date                1500 (UTC+8) Sunday 1 November 2015

Trip total         In 4hrs 45min 29nm over the ground, 30m through the water

Arrived at        Gili Lawang Island, off NE Lombok, Indonesia


Today was not a large distance but we did have to cross another of the Straits in between the islands where the current can provide entertainment.  The light winds meant that there was little trouble from wind over current.


Today’s anchorage looked challenging as it is described as a dog leg gap in the reef bordering the island of Gili Lawang which lies off the north east corner of the larger island of Lombok.  To add to the fun the anchorage or the gap does not appear on either C-Map or Navionics electronic charts so we were going off the diagram in the Pilot Book and a Google Earth overlay complete with a previous visitors track.


Well it worked and we anchored in a sheltered spot off a sandy beach.


Gili Lawang from the anchorage


We spent a leisurely afternoon keeping out of the sun.  It is getting very hot, especially when there is little or no breeze to cool things down.


Towards evening a variety of local craft appeared an readied themselves for a night of fishing. 


A squid fishing boat setting up for the night


As dusk fell we were treated to a wonderful bat show.  Thousands of large bats, fruit bats?, must roost on Gili Lawang and they set off for a nights hunting on the mainland.  Fortunately they appear better house trained than seagulls!


Sunset behind the volcano of Rinjani, 3,726m high and about 15nm away