Sunday 15 August 2010 Villagarcia, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 15 Aug 2010 22:59

This day was one of the major outings of the Rally.  A coach took us from the marina to Monte Lobeira where we walked to the top to see the wonderful view.  This photograph shows the marina at Villagarcia.



We then moved on to the town  of Fefiñanes where the town is centred around the the Palacio de Fefiñanes  and the church which contains the mausoleums of Don Gonzalo de Valladares andhis wife, founders of the Palacio.  Our Rally host Alfredo Lagos had been able to organise access to the Palazio gardens and then to the Palazio, neither of which are open to the public:



We then moved on to Pazo LA CAPITANA, a beautifully restored bodega now incorporating a restaurant and function facilities where we

were served lunch. After the lunch there was an impromptu singing and dancing session with some very enthusiastic participation from our Spanish hosts. Judy Backhouse , from Caper, provided music with her accordion and Elizabeth vocals! 



We returned to the marina with a case of La Capitana Albarino.  A useful souvenir.


In the evening the members of the Royal Cruising Club hosted a pontoon party for the other members of the Rally.  A very pleasant end to a great day.