42:56.40N 9:13.25W Wednesday 4 August 2010 Finesterre, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 5 Aug 2010 08:43

A rather grey day prompted a more leisurely start, but with only 30 miles to do it was not a problem.


The wind has stayed firmly in the north east which makes for un-complicated sailing.  We could have done with the new cruising chute that however will have to await a fix to the furler; hopefully that will be sorted in Bayona next week.


The coast sailing past Cabo Toriňana and onto Cabo Finesterre was magnificent.  The pilot advises staying 5 miles offshore and it is easy to see the wisdom of that advice when considering what it might look like in a westerly blow.  Today with a north easterly blowing it was the windward shore and we could therefore be a little more relaxed and stay some 1-2 miles off – reassured by some yachts who appeared to be indulging in mediterranean navigation (keeping one foot on the beach).



Cabo Finesterre is at the southerly end of a long rocky spine, behind which to the east is the sheltered Seno de Corcubión.  Everything is relative and with the current settled weather pattern the afternoons provide a brisk 20-25 kt wind which makes anchoring seem rather more fraught than it actually is.


There were two choices in the north of the bay for anchoring in the Ensenada del Sardiñeiro; the pilot advising that both were good.  One, off a village, had some 12 boats already there.  The other with a small hotel beyond a pleasant sandy beach had no boats.  We still cannot work out why we remain anchored in wonderful isolation.  It made practicing the bagpipes less anti-social.



For those who puzzled over the contents of Elizabeth’s provisioning – we ate the first of our Fray Bentos pies last night – and very good it was too – 39 to go!