The Windy Windward Passage lives up to its name

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 10 Jan 2014 23:42
Position 19:16.79N 074:38.49W
Date 1200 (EST) Friday 10 January 2014

Having been frustrated b having to motor to get around Long Island life took
on a decided change for the more windy and we were soon down to a double
reefed everything and making 8 to 9 knots on a fine reach in a boisterous
sea. The sea got larger and the wind topped 30 knots as we approached the
Cuba side of the Passage in what appeared to be an acceleration zone.
Progress however was rapid and by 0300 we were passed Punta Negra and
heading further off the wind. The seas gradually subsided, much to the
relief of the off duty watch who was well wedged into her bunk using pillows
and the lee cloths.

By noon the wind was down to 14 knots, still from the east and still giving
us 7 knots in the correct direction. Thirty hours and not a spot of diesel
used; we were beginning to think that that sort of sailing only existed in
our imagination.

We are now 45 nm south east of Guantanamo Bay on Cuba but encountering a 2
knot adverse current which is slowing progress down somewhat