A week in St Anne

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 8 Mar 2011 13:10

Position           14:26.24N 60:53.08W

Date                0900 – 8 March 2011


There is not much to report this week as having sailed (motored) round the corner into Le Marin and anchored we cleared into Martinique and got Elizabeth to her Osteopath’s appointment we then moved back out to St Anne and have spent the week pottering and getting jobs done on the boat.


To anyone following in our footsteps we can recommend the Leader Price supermarket in Le Marin.  It is next to the water, has a dinghy dock and a trolley park next to the dock.  This is quite remarkable and makes re-provisioning much easier.


I have finally got around to polishing the stainless steel stern arch.  This mass of stainless steel tubing is quite an undertaking and involves a great deal of hanging out over the water to get at large parts of it.  It is now done for the time being and I neither dropped the polish, the cleaning clothes or myself in the water in the process.  Enthused by the results we have worked our way through all of the deck stainless and are now started on polishing the deck fibreglass.  We won’t want to get it wet!


The last weekend and Monday have seen St Anne celebrating Mardi Gras.  This involved parades and bands and a great deal of noise; very good to observe at a distance.  One person has seen fit to continually drive up and down with some sort of vehicle with a defective silencer and timing issues that produces violent backfiring.  Elizabeth thinks that it might be part of the festivities, I think it is local youth expressing their ‘individuality’.


It is time to move on, before said youths wake up and starts motoring again, with a day sail north in the direction of Fort de France.