Back to the US of A and Gloucester - in a shower of rain or two

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 12 Sep 2011 19:00

Position           42:36.64N 070:39.34W

Date                Tuesday 6 September 2011 to Monday 12 September 2011


Was it ever wet.  It was raining when I arrived in Boston and it did not let up for 48 hours during which time the boat was re-launched and I re-rigged the back stays and mizzen boom and got very wet in the process however “worse things happen at sea”.


Rose’s Yard had some fascinating boats that David Rose driving the boat lift manoeuvred around with apparent ease.



During the monsoon I also managed a cycle trip to Radio Shack, some 2 miles away to purchase a replacement US mobile phone my original having grown legs during my sojourn in the mother county.  The reaction of car drivers seeing a madman in full sailing foul weather gear furiously pedalling a folding cycle was interesting to say the least.  At least they stopped for me, possibly more out of pity than courtesy.


What I had thought might be a leisurely week with time to explore those parts of Gloucester previously missed turned out to be a very busy week of early mornings to catch Sailmakers, mechanics and the like and late nights putting the boat back together after first dismantling part of the saloon to install an updated WiFi amplifier, a wireless router and a media server linked over the boats network – good geeky stuff which unusually all works.  We now have an internal WiFi network that can give multi-user access to the internet, subject to us linking in to a WiFi hotspot, and the ability to stream video and music to both televisions.  Not exactly plain sailing and an anathema to the founding fathers of the OCC.


By the time Sid Shaw, OCC Rear Commodore US South East who had kindly offered to crew the boat south, arrived on Monday all was ship shape, shopping was done and food stowed.  It was then off to the fuel dock to both refuel and take delivery of our extensively repaired gennaker which had become accidentally part unfurled in a thunderstorm in July which shredded the top panels.



I could not resist the dog pic.  ‘Bear’ belongs to Josh Bevins the sailmaker; he assures me that most of Bear is fur.  Josh had carried out a difficult and time consuming repair for which I am most grateful.



Hot air perhaps, hair; well?