Martinique again

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 28 Feb 2011 18:00

Position           14:26.24N 60:53.08W

Date                1800 – 28 February 2011


A morning was spent dashing around the various marina facilities, paying the marina fee and booking out for customs and immigration.  This resulted in us arriving at the fuel berth at exactly 1200.  Yes you guessed, the time at which they close for lunch – they must have a secret escape route because we did not even see the dust settling.


However they were as prompt returning at 1300.  Filling with 540 litres took a little time and I was able to achieve this without ending up wearing it, unlike the last time that we filled up which was here before Christmas.  The advantage of filling up in St Lucia is that provided that you have cleared out there is less duty and this brings the cost down to those far away days in the UK of three years ago.


Slipping at 1400 we headed straight out for St Anne across the St Lucia Channel – the wind and Atlantic swell appears to funnel between the islands making the crossing to windward particularly bumpy and windy.  The wind was somewhat on the nose but fortunately the sea was not so we made good time motor sailing and put the anchor down in St Anne just before 1700.


Tomorrow, 1 March and St David’s Day, it will be in to Le Marin to clear customs and to get Elizabeth to an osteopath appointment at 1230.