Dr Foster went to Gloucester - but yippee no shower of rain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 26 Jun 2011 18:00

Position           42:36.61N 070:39.44W

Date                1900 – Sunday 26 June 2011 (UTC -4)


Well, we actually tore ourselves away from Boston and not too long after high water carefully felt our way out over the shallows and into the main channel.  I am sure that we will return.


As we cleared the harbour approaches the wind filled in a little and with 10knots we had a very gently sail up the coast towards Cape Anne and Gloucester, which lies just before the Cape.  There must have been a regatta taking place in either Salem or Marblehead as one of the hazards of the course were fleets of racing yachts including one, unidentified, 12 metre boat.  We managed to sail though one fleet twice as they rounded a weather mark and encountered us for the second time on their return


Taking advice from the Gloucester Harbour Master we anchored in the Federal Anchorage which is right in the middle of the harbour with good access to public landings for the dinghy.



We are certainly in the middle of things as the anchorage lies between the two arms of the harbour which is a major fishing port.


We made our way ashore for a walk and found ourselves in the middle of the town’s St Peter’s Fiesta.  We were puzzled as to what the major source of attraction was as we made our way through the thousands of people lining the shore.  Eventually we were able to see – the Greasy Pole competition, obviously a major attraction of the weekend.



Walking further along the esplanade we came across one of the most famous memorials to the New England Fishermen and the men of Gloucester who have lost their lives at sea.



Culinary note – very appropriately we had fish and chips, the flounder (plaice?) being purchased fresh in Boston during our Saturday shop.