Decca Channel to Green Cay - we have the world to ourselves

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 12 Apr 2012 20:57

Position           24:02.34N 077:10.98W

Date                Wednesday 11 April 2012 and Thursday 12 April 2012


The chart may help give an idea where we are and our route passed the Decca Towers, disused but still good markers for a route that carries at least 4 metres at low water across to Green Cay which lies on the east side of the Tongue of the Ocean, the chart also shows precisely how the Tongue got its’ name.



The trip was 48 miles in light airs mostly from aft the beam.  For the first time since its repair in Gloucester last August the gennaker earned its keep and even the mizzen staysail was dusted off to give us a startling 2 to 3 knots.  After leaving Big Major Spot, on the chart between the words ANDROS and ISLAND and which are misplaced as Andros Island is the mass on the left of the Chart and the words should say Exuma Cays, we had the sea to ourselves as we gently eased ourselves across the bank.  The sea was so calm that you really could see the bottom going by.


The Mate decided to take a deck chair to the aft sun deck and work on her Diamond Jubilee Kneeler.  Not much chance of slipping overboard today.



We did see one very fast speed boat which headed off south from the west Decca tower.  The only thing that way, other than Green Cay which it passed well to the east, is Cuba at about 100nm so we can only surmise that it was up to no good.  We also saw, as the depth suddenly went from 5 metres to 600 metres and we passed off the Bank, a Bahamian Navy or Customs patrol boat.  The crew appeared to be more interested in fishing but one has to assume that one boat might have been avoiding the other.  Such excitement; ‘pass the smelling salts for the Dowager Countess’!


So after a very gently day we arrived at Green Cay and found it completely deserted.  It is the first time that we have had the world entirely to ourselves since Cows Yard in Maine, last July, and quite a treat.




Thursday brought very little wind and at times complete calm so there was no guilty feeling about doing anything else than having a look at Green Cay from the dinghy, the odd swim and generally keep out of the sun during the middle of the day.


So here we sit in our own personal azure sea, until tomorrow, assuming that there is enough wind to sail.