Over to Lutes, Uliveo for the next phase

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 25 Jul 2015 10:35

Position           16:31.91 S 167:49.79 E

Date                1135 Saturday 25 July 2015

Distance run    From Awei 5.7nm over the ground, 5.7nm through the water

                        3.5nm as the crow flies but do not try that unless you are a crow


The high tide for getting into the lagoon at Lutes, Uliveo, was very civilised 1100 so we nce again made the tricky entrance following our previous safe tracks and the waypoints very carefully.  The tide rises about 1.5 metres and we saw a minimum depth under the keel of 1.7 metres.  The channel at one point is about 15metres wide and other boats have reported greater depths possibly all of 5m to one side or the other of our track.  We will stick to what works and familiarity should not breed contempt



The anchorage is at point marked MAMUA


It will be good to bet our floor back.  Caduceus is heavily laden at the moment.  Here you are looking at the best part of half a ton of rice.  Fortunately it is in robust 25kg sacks as we have to walk on it to get forward.  The remainder of the rice is stacked up in the guest cabin and under the saloon table.

Not quite what the yacht designers had in mind.  25kg sacks of rice as a carpet