Four days in Valley Cove, Somes Sound

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 3 Aug 2013 13:00

Position           44:18.49N 068:18.99W

Date                1400 (EDT) Saturday 3 August 2013 to Wednesday 7 August 2013


Passage Run – 3nm – 3nm over the ground in 50 mins


Not one of the longest passages in the world but a move out of an expensive marina into a favourite anchorage from our last two years in Maine.



We were joined on Sunday by Anne and Mike Hartshorn with Nimue who had their American friend Kenny with them.  Kenny has a house on Western Bay at Trenton which is just over the bridge from Mount Desert Island (MDI) to the mainland and has spent many summers here over the last thirty years.  As well as two very jolly evenings we had a great yomp up Mt Sauveur Mountain


Michael, Martin, Elizabeth, Anne and Kenny on Mount Sauveur

St Sauveur has shear cliffs that drop into Valley Cove and this provide some great aerial photographs.



Nimue departed on Monday to return to Kenny’s mooring on Western Bay and we took a stroll up Flying Mountain in order to ease the stiff muscles from the previous days climbing.  Flying Mountain is the small lump in the middle of the previous photograph.



On our return to Caduceus we were treated by the sight of the charter schooner American Eagle coming to anchor in Valley Cove under sail.

The Mate had arranged a hair appointment in Southwest for Tuesday morning so it was dinghy to shore and 2½ mile walk into town.  The result was a great success.



I also had a DIY haircut but modesty forbids me from recording the event, suffice it to say I looked absolutely stunning!