Prince Rupert Bay and a walk around Fort Shirley

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 11 Mar 2011 23:59

Position           15:34.94N 61:27.85W

Date                2359 – 11 March 2011


Having had to anchor some way out last night we watched boats depart this morning and made two moves further into the beach and closer to the Purple Turtle Bar.  This location I hasten to add is because the WiFi hotspot antenna is on the roof of the bar and nothing to do with the bar itself.  We now have a good signal that supports good quality Skype calls.


Alexis, our designated boat man appeared and took us firstly to Customs to clear and then to the ATM to top up the Eastern Caribbean dollars.  Next to the bank was this interesting example of local government – we could only guess at its purpose (the inscription over the arch is “Reconciliation and Deliverance Ministry”.



Dominica is more basic than many of the islands that we have visited and houses are in the main very simple.  The people are however very welcoming and proud of their beautiful country.  Government has been very successful in attracting development aid from all over the world.  A new fish dock and market has been built and funded by Japan, China is funding the rebuilding of the coast road, Cuba has provided the airport, the European Union can be identified in a number of major projects as can Canada which has been responsible for the cruise ship dock and much of the Fort Shirley restoration.


The bay is littered with the remains of ships beached in hurricanes.  They do not exactly improve the scene, especially this large example that is directly in front of the police station, blocking any view it has of the harbour.  Apparently a project to get a company from Pakistan to salvage the vessels failed some years ago as the local government wanted too much in the way of fees – worth another try guys!.



The afternoon entertainment was a dinghy ride across to the empty cruise ship dock and walk around Fort Shirley and up the West Cabrits, a quick 625 feet altitude. The area of the fort has over the last 30years been cleared of the jungle that had overgrown it and a great deal of restoration and rebuilding has taken place.  The end result is a beautiful setting with beautiful views over Prince Rupert Bay.



Returning from our hike we made it to our first Happy Hour in the Big Papas Bar.  The view from the bar says it all: