Northbound Day 4 - Gloucester, in a shower (monsoon) of rain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 18 Jul 2012 14:15

Position           42:32.63N 070:39.35W

Date                1515 Wednesday 18 July 2012


A 0600 start meant that we missed seeing Toby Baker the port officer for Wings Neck, but we did make a favourable tide through the Cape Cod Canal the entrance of which is only 5 miles from Wings Neck.  A favourable tide is vital for this passage as the current runs at 3+ knots with interesting eddies to catch out the unwary.  We managed a maximum of 12 knots over the ground which meant 4 knots of current at that time.


Out of the canal and it was motor sailing yet again.  This time it was to try and get into Gloucester whilst there was still a chance of finding an anchorage in the inner harbour.



With a days run of 66nm to do we pressed on until about one hour out of Gloucester the sky darkened and we were treated to the grand daddy of thunderstorms with a warning a a tornado.  Despite the regular forecast warning hereabouts of seeking shelter we decided it was prudent to mill about a bit whilst the storm passed.  Unlike our previous experience with these storms, this time there was no wind tornado or otherwise; we did have all of our sails furled just in case however.  Visibility, under 100 metres.


It was still raining heavily as we entered Gloucester’s outer harbour but by then at least we had visibility.  Joy, there was room to anchor in the Government Anchorage.  It was a little like coming home.


The Mate made an executive decision, order?, and we ate ashore at the Cape Anne Brewery.  Their marinated steak tips are excellent and good value and the beer just has to be sampled.


We now look forward to a few days of catch up.  The genoa requires to go to the sail maker as it has UV damage to the leach, an engine oil change is due (Oh great joy, my favourite!) and it is about time that the winches were stripped down and cleaned.  Just to show those tender readers that we are actually gainfully occupied keeping the ship afloat and not just lolling around eating, drinking and making merry.


If anyone out there knows of the safe place that we have put the Maine Pilot book we would be grateful.  It is refusing to appear.  How on a relatively small boat can you just loose something?  The only way that I know that is an infallible method of finding it is to purchase a replacement.  Anyone want a second hand Maine Pilot?