Ascension Island to the Azores Day 6 - Crossing the line

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 25 Feb 2017 04:04

Position                    00:42.54 N 023:04.15 W

Date                          2359 (UTC) Friday 24 February 2017

Distance run             in 24hrs 154nm over the ground, 143nm through the water

Passage total            653nm over the ground, 699nm through the water

Distance to go          2,872nm

Planned distance      Ascension to the Azores west around the high 3,666nm


No bizarre ceremonies, shaving of bodies or invocation of Neptune  so this story is unlikely to make the Red Tops.  We were however both on deck and we did notice unlike some other crossings that we have made.




The theory was that I captured the image as we had 00N on the display, unfortunately the screen capture decided to be evasive and so you get the picture half a mile late.


For a lot of the day we had an unexpected westerly wind which provided some lift as we motored north north west throgh the ITCZ.  Squall clouds came and went without crossing our track.  All of that changed as it went dark and the remainderof the day was marked by a steady stream of squalls with heavy downpours, thunder and lightening and very variable wind direction and strength.  Elizabeth made an excellent Shepherds Pie, although I am not sure that is the correct term as it was made with Ostrich Mince (US - Ground Ostrich).