Off to Big Majors Spot or is it the Bay of Pigs

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 29 Mar 2012 22:59

Position           24:11.00N 076:27.57W

Date                2359 Thursday 29 March 2012


Needless to say, we left slightly after the other two boats, but not by much and with a light wind from a somewhat unfavourable direction tacked our way towards Big Majors Spot, or in the light of events should it be Gloucester Old Spot?  Sailing in almost smooth waters make going to windward so much easier and with the encouragement f being watched from tow other boats we made good progress, 6 knots to windward out of 6 knots of true wind is not bad for us.  Curious, as this is happening you can see the sea bed going by.


We have to share this image with you.  No helicopter but a slide from the bridge deck – what every oligarch requires.  Ladies are requested to remove high heels before using the escape slide.




The anchorage at Big Majors Spot has a good depth close in but has to be approached over a bank showing 2.3 metres at chart datum; we came in on the top of the tide, which although the range is not much more than ½ metre is enough to float our boat.  We followed Sebastian and Liz on Shalamar but with a draught of 6 foot they were able to anchor outside of the “deep” bit.



In the afternoon we took a trip round into Staniel Cay so that the Mate could indulge in some retail therapy and purchase green tomatoes and a gold platted iceberg lettuce.



Staniel Cay is the first civilisation that we have seen for some time and is attractive with a small marina full of motor yachts and a very buzzy yacht club.  We spotted a motor yacht called ‘Sentry’.  We moored alongside ‘Sentry’ in Norfolk.  Its owner, Angus, lives in the same condo as Gary and Greta.  Unfortunately Angus was not joining his yacht until next week and in Nassau.  A photograph to prove that we were both there;



It was then back off to the boat, a quick if bouncy and a tad wet 1nm plus ride.  A capable dinghy and outboard are very necessary for this part of the world where anchorages tend to be some way either from the shore or from settlements or both.


The mate insisted on going to see the star attraction of Big Major Spot and what today’s title is all about.



The world famous swimming pigs of Staniel Cay.  Realising that we did not have anything with which to feed them they quickly returned to the beach and waited for their next victim.  The Mate will return when she has generated some pig friendly bio waste.


Later Sebastian and Liz together with French friend Luc joined us for a very sociable happy hour or two.  We watched the sun go down to the sound of conch shells being blown from other yachts and you can guess what is coming next; it just had to be an Evening Hymn, Dark Island and Scotland the Brave on la grande cornemuse.