Tyrell Bay - Carriacou

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 1 Jan 2011 16:00

Position           12:27.50N 61:29.16W

Date                1600 Local - 1 January 2011


(All times in this entry refer to local time, UTC -4 unless stated as UTC)


The constant winds of the last week have made for excellent sailing south and today was no exception as we broad reached across to Carriacou, first to Hillsborough where in theory we should have cleared into Grenada but given that the anchorage looked very exposed, clouds made it rather grey and customs were on holiday we sailed on to Tyrell Bay where we anchored for the night ready for a push on to Grenada on the morrow and clear there on Monday.


I am getting netter with our new barbeque and more of Elizabeth’s Las Palmas supplies in the form of pork chops were consumed with sweet potato and coleslaw which rumour has it was made from a cabbage also purchased in Las Palmas.