Second day

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 26 Jul 2007 11:35

Our first real night at sea with Caduceus (III) passed largely uneventfully.  Wind strengthened to 15-20kts but still from the SW.  We headed approximately west until 0945 Thursday 26 Jul and then put our first tack in to head south.  This is beginning to look as though it will be uphill all of the way.  We are having an easier time than other Rally members, many of whom took shelter in Falmouth and similar places due to high winds and seas.


Yesterday afternoon and last night provided lots of practice in avoiding fishing boats, all of which appeared to be stern trawling.  In this instance AIS is not much help as they do not have it.  ARPA, radar tracking and the radar generally proved themselves for the first time.


Our informal watch keeping system is working.  Elizabeth claimed not to be able to sleep, however nature will eventually overcome that difficulty. 


24 hours down with a daily run of 115 miles.