Return to Rodney Bay and the ever popular customs game

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 22 Feb 2011 18:00

Position           14:05.44N 60:57.83W

Date                1800 – 22 February 2011


You make today into a board game and sell it for Christmas.  Snakes and Ladders with nautical overtones.


First a quick motor around the corner into Le Marin; anchor just outside the marina and dinghy in to clear customs.  This is easy as Martinique being French just requires a form filling in on the computer, printing and stamping – no fees, in or out.


Second, a brisk broad reach of 24 miles across the St Lucia Channel with 2+ knots of wind and quite large quartering seas, some of which were toppling and could really throw the boat about.


Third, anchor off Rodney Bay Marina, very rolly, and dinghy into the marina to clear customs.  We had not realised that it was St Lucia’ Independence Day so everything was shut, except for the Customs and Immigration who seamed unusually relaxed.  Fees, 15EC$ for over time (just under £4) and 40EC$ for clearing in (£10).


Fourth, move from this uncomfortable anchorage and creep under the lee of Pigeon Island, at the north end of Rodney Bay, were we were out of the swell.


Pigeon Island is a national park and was very busy with day visitors both from the hotels and local people celebrating Independence Day.  There is a great bar/restaurant, the Jambe de Bois, and we went ashore for sundowners.



Dinner on the return to the boat was a real special with prime fillet steak, from Las Palmas washed down with a bottle of House of Lords Claret, courtesy of one of Elizabeth’s patients.  It certainly makes a change from Lentil Curry and was a good lead in to tomorrow.