Rasfushi - A spectacular anchorage in between the reefs

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 6 Mar 2016 13:30

Position           06:42.807 N 072:55.381 E

Date                 1330 (UTC+5) Sunday 6 March 2016

Distance run    23.1nm over the ground


Let a photograph, courtesy of a camera carrying quad copter, paint the picture.


Caduceus at anchor in between the reefs at Rasfushi


And I managed it land it safely; this is the first time that I have been brave enough to take off from the boat but the temptation to get photographs was worth the risk. 


The channel between the reefs is mostly deep, over 25 metres but there are one or two shallower spots and we anchored in 18 to 20 metres.  There is also a current of up to 1.5 knots but the holding proved good.  The snorkelling is spectacular, especially on the north and south sides of the pass into the western reef where there are buoys, presumably laid by dive boats, to attach the dinghy.


We stayed two nights and made four underwater trips at different times of day.  Care has to be taken with the currents as at times there is a lot of water coming and going over the reef into the lagoon, which is not accessible to yachts.


Underwater photograph with a GoPro camera is getting and much improved by a good red filter purchased in Singapore.