Afore we go - an island road trip

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:45

Date                Sunday 7 September 2014


For our last weekend in Fiji we hired a vehicle so that we could more easily do the provisioning and also have a road trip into the hills.  The vehicle was specified as a 4x4 but in the event a look at its undercarriage confirmed that this was a miserable 2x4 version and Abdul very nearly had to recover his vehicle from half way up a Fijian Alp.  Fortunately some perseverance and experience in a previous life won the day.  The road trip was however a great experience and enabled us to see an aspect of Fiji that we had not seen before.


Head for the hills


Spotted numerous small farms.  A major source of employment in the season is cutting sugar cane.  Otherwise it looks a very sparse existence


We got up to about 1,600 metres which gave wonderful views



Rugby is a national sport and in this village the posts were made out of bamboo


This remote village had no ready access other than the rough track down which we had come


As the road the other way had a collapsed bridge.  Being the dry season we were able to ford the river after an on foot recce to check the depth


The road got rougher and steeper (than this) and eventually the miserable apology for a vehicle would climb no more and we had to retrace our steps, including fording the river again.  Getting back out of the valley was definitely touch and go.  Thank you Abdul.


Back on the road down the hills we came across this lady with her children who were looking for a lift back from visiting relatives to her village some 7 miles down the valley.  AS we had only seen one other vehicle she might have had a long wait, or walk.


It was delightful to be able to meet someone local and help out.  We also donated various fruit and food that we had aboard.  A great way to finish off our trip.