Noumea to Kupang Day 14 - Two weeks at sea

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 15 Oct 2015 09:09

Position           09 41.51 S 131:55.69 E                              

Date                1200 (UTC+9) Thursday 15 October 2015

Distance run    in 24hrs 129nm over the ground, 125nm through the water

Trip total         2256nm over the ground, 2182nm through the water

To go to           Kupang Indonesia 552nm


We seem to have been on this passage for ever and are definitely settled into a routine.  The wind as forecast has become lighter but remains over the stern, moving from port to starboard.  We are still sailing under poled out genoa and when the wind angle allows winged main and, mizzen.  The decrease in the wind and the fact that it is to all intents and purposes dead astern is reflected in the falling daily totals.  We could perhaps go a little faster if we aimed off a little and deployed the cruising chute.  We are happy however sailing the direct course and as this is not causing us issues is probably the fastest option.  Our net waypoint is in 175nm and marks the northern edge of the considerable shoals and reefs off the Australian course north of Darwin.


The main excitement of the 24 hours occurred just before noon when we were buzzed by a plane from the Australian Border Control who called up on VHF channel 16 to check our identity.  The Mate, on watch, responded accordingly and the Skipper missed it all; one back for yesterday’s dolphins.  It is good to know somebody knows where we are.  The Mate reported hearing them speaking to another yacht some 10 minutes after they had disappeared astern so it appears we are being tailed to Kupang.