Return to Vuda, Alice and Stuart arrive

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 24 Sep 2014 00:36
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Position           017:40.88S 177:23.20E

Date                Saturday 5 July to Tuesday 8 July 2014


Distance run Musket Cove to Vuda Marina – 15.6nm


After a day in Musket Cove and seeing the place in daylight for the first time we returned to Vuda on Saturday to be ready to receive Alice and Stuart flying in from London via Los Angeles on Sunday.  We even managed to clear the guest cabin which was a considerable undertaking as by a mysterious natural process the spare space had filled with all sorts of things.  They arrived somewhat tired after their long journey and laden with boat parts – in particular replacement membranes for our water maker; the water maker had been producing unacceptably salty water since Tonga.


It was great to see them and to be together again.  We celebrated with dinner in the next door First Landings Resort which lays on live music and entertainment on Sunday evenings.


A happy welcome dinner – the skippers turban has shrink to a more manageable size


Monday morning bright and early and the guys from Baobab Engineering appeared to carry out the work on the water maker and by Tuesday we were ready to leave for a trip around Bligh Waters.